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Why Luxury Escapes Is So Popular Among Entrepreneurs

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Business and Life Management Chair, Brice Gosnell recently shared some insights into luxury escapes and business communication. In an online article, she discussed business communication as an integral part of luxury escapes. She stated:” Communication is the key to a successful escape. Without it, the trip becomes sterile and more importantly, unrewarding. By emphasizing direct communication between you and your group, we can create a powerful bond that will strengthen the bond and create a sense of continuity, even if the escape is in another location.”

In doing so, I found myself reflecting on several things. Connecting directly with customers/clients is important. I also found the importance of constant communication. This goes hand-in-hand with the fact that you must keep the client’s needs and wants in mind when communicating. The better your understanding of what the client needs and wants, the more efficiently you can serve them.

The importance of constant communication extends beyond simply communicating with clients. It also applies to staff as well. How well do you know your team? Do they possess the proper skills and behaviors to make your business successful?

The idea of luxury breakfasts is another way to develop good business communication skills. What if you could create an experience where you are your own boss and customers were happy to pay for your meals? In this case business and pleasure would naturally go together. How well would your employees perform if you did not have the time to spend bonding with your family and friends? Wouldn’t that adversely affect business?

Business coaching is a luxury escape that allows entrepreneurs to become coaches to themselves. In a coaching business you have the luxury of your own time to create whatever schedule works for you. You are not committed to anyone but yourself. Your entire business may change over night and you won’t be responsible for any of it. It can also help to open your eyes to different ways of thinking about problems so you can solve them differently from the usual.

Luxury breaks can provide a great networking opportunity, when you are planning business ventures. The social aspect of being on vacation gives you the opportunity to meet new people and network in a way that is far less stressful than traditional face-to-face communication. This is particularly important during recessionary times when it’s hard to find business contacts. When you are relaxing on a luxury escapes, you can also take advantage of all the activities going on there. A golf day out is a popular luxury escapes idea because it gives you a chance to hit the links with your best friend or family member.

These luxury escapes can be just as fun and exciting as a business retreat. They can range from a romantic getaway in a spa hotel to the most exciting adventure you can plan in the wilderness. Some people plan complete trips. You could even find yourself attending an event on someone else’s dime. It all depends on what you’re looking for as long as it doesn’t infringe on your business responsibilities. Luxury breaks are a great investment for entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business horizons.

Whether you choose to do a business visit or spend a weekend enjoying luxury escapes, you’ll be amazed at the benefits. You’ll be able to stay active and fit while still having time for romance and leisure. Most importantly, you can pamper yourself at the end of the day while you’re on vacation. It’s definitely an opportunity you don’t want to pass up.

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