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Strategies to increase sales

by jcp

Here are 4 strategies, to increase sales enormously:

  1. “Your Dream Buyer”

You want to get a person to do something. Be it to register for something, or to buy something. To achieve that goal, you have to offer something that they really want to have. And it’s not enough if they maybe want to buy it one day. It has to be something they want right now. That’s why you need to know exactly your target audience. And I don’t mean the superficial stuff that everyone researches. You have to be able to put yourself in the head of your customers and find out their inner problems, dreams and desires.

What keeps them awake at night?

Unfortunately, we can’t read the minds of our customers (yet). Fortunately, these days we have a ton of options and different resources (e.g. Google, Answer the Public, Facebook Groups, Reddit, Reviews) to work with. These help us to find out exactly who our dream buyer is and what he needs.

Then we can specifically address him, his problems and his desires in our advertising.

  1. “The Larger Market Formula”

Statistics have shown that only 3% of people in any given market are willing to make a purchase. Most companies focus on that 3% only. This is no wonder either. Because that is the easiest target group. That’s the 3% who are most interested in your product and just have to decide where to buy it. With a good offer (better than your competition), this is an easy sale. But if, like everyone else, you only focus on this 3%, you will never be able to scale your company successfully.

But if you rewrite your offer and advertising, to address the other 97% as well, and guide them in the right direction (e. g. through education) they will buy from your company, once they feel comfortable making a purchase.

You have to address each target group specifically and thus guide them step-by-step up the awareness pyramid. At the same time, it will make you an authority and build trust. Of course, once they are ready to buy, they will buy from you.

Be visible to the people, offer value and build trust. Even if they are not ready to buy something (or are not even aware of the problem). Sooner or later they will be.

  1. “Value Based Marketing”

Most businesses focus on selling. As fast as possible. And that makes total sense. Then sooner or later we all want to sell our product/service and help our customers attain a better life. But as already mentioned, only 3% of the people in the market are ready to make a purchase. So, every business, which wants to sell straight away, competes on that 3% of people.

And that is pretty much comparable to the bonobo chimpanzee in the tropical rainforests of the Congo… everyone makes loud mating calls and tries to outdo the others.

In theory, that sounds quite logical.

But in practical terms, it’s not enough to yell at your customers and tell them how great you are. They will still not want to buy anything from you. The fact is, they don’t even care about you. They don’t care how long your company has been around… what your mission is… what you want to change in the world.

The only thing that really interests them is how you can help them and how you can solve THEIR problems.

That is, what you have to show them. This is the only possible way to make them want to buy something from you. And how do you show them that you can solve their problems? By actually helping them. Even before they buy anything from you. Regardless of whether they will ever buy something from you. That way you don’t only address the 3% who are willing to buy something at the current moment, but also the other 97% who will be willing to buy something one day in the future. And then, since they trust you and know you can help them, they will only buy from you.

  1. “Irresistible Offer”

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” -The Godfather

Most companies nowadays have the same boring offers (e.g. free shipping, 20% off, free consultation, …). You have to stand out and create a really interesting and attractive offer. For every step in the customer journey. Since every step in a customer journey contains an offer. Even if it is, for example, a free lead magnet.

Your offer has to be fundamentally different from all others. It has to be sexy!

Every market has a specific desire that needs to be satisfied. Or a problem that needs to be solved. If you have researched your audience acutely, you will also know exactly what kind of desire / problem they have.

Now you have to give people exactly what they have a huge desire for. If the value of your product is high enough for the person, they are willing to pay the price (no matter how high it is).


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