Benefits of a Trust Fund

The trust fund is a legal entity, created by law and funded with the money of one or more beneficiaries, known as trustees. A trust is typically a three-way fiduciary contract between the parties, where the first party (the trustee)

What is American Income Life Insurance?

American Income Life, a large life insurance company, is a privately held insurance company that offers supplemental health insurance for unions, financial institutions, credit unions and other organizations. The company is based in Waco, TX. The executive offices are located

Can a sibling force the sale of an inherited property?

Inheriting a property with a sibling is not always a straightforward process, compounded by the fact that it arises following the sensitive times of a family bereavement. Siblings may agree on what to do with the property and of course

Equity and Mutual Funds

By Kristina Fields, Chief Financial Officer, S J Global Investments, New normal and technology It is just a little under 5 months since the UK entered lockdown on 23 March and life changed dramatically for us all. Phrases such

How to Invest in Stock Market

Investing in the stock exchange is a great way to make some money, but there are also many pitfalls that can lead people to lose their hard earned cash on the stock market. There is no better way to make

How to Start Building Credit

How to start building credit, which often becomes a major issue for many young people, often occurs because the credit cards are issued in response to the parents’ desire to purchase expensive items. Many parents of young college students start

What is Zelle

If you want to get a new credit card or if you have been turned down because of your credit history, then you might have considered getting a new card from a new provider. However, if you haven’t been able

What Is The Highest Credit Score

A lot of people wonder what is the highest credit score, as most people are not aware of how their credit score works. Most consumers never check their credit score and so there is no way of knowing how they