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Experts reveal top tips for spotting a good tech deal this Black Friday

by wrich

Last year, Brits spent £6 billion across Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a £400 million increase on the year before1. However, the hype around Black Friday can send many consumers into a buying frenzy, so how can you tell if you’re getting a good deal?   

Experts at online smartphone retailer, e2save, have revealed their top tips to spot great deals and prepare for the big day, to ensure you’re getting the best value.   

1.Research products 

As the sale season begins it can be all too easy to spot a great deal on a product you may not be familiar with, then fail to read the reviews in a bid to check out before it sells out. Instead, look online a few days in advance and scope out the products you think you’ll want to grab a bargain on and do your homework. Andrew Cartledge, mobile expert at e2save says: “Comparing brands and looking over customer reviews can ensure you will not be disappointed when the sales arrive.”   

2.Shop around  

 Before committing to your purchase, shop around. Andrew advises “Look at the product on multiple websites and compare prices. When buying mobile phones, be sure to compare the total cost of the contract (the upfront cost plus total line rental). Some contracts may offer a lower upfront cost, but be more expensive over the course of the agreement.” 

3.Online accounts 

 Last year, many popular deals sold out quickly. Andrew says, “To prevent you from missing out it is worth setting up online accounts with your favourite retailers, securely saving your shipping and payment details to your account so you can complete purchases quickly once deals are live.” 

He adds: “It’s also worth signing up to retailers’ newsletters as they tend to send their deals out ahead of time to people on their mailing list. Ensuring you know what deals will be available will make shopping even easier on the day.” 

4.Create a wish list 

 Some websites let you create a wish list of all the things you want to buy. Andrew suggests: Having a wish list prepared for Black Friday of the products you want to buy will make it easier when the prices drop, to ensure you’re not wasting time trawling through the other deals.” 

5.The early bird catches the worm 

 Start your Black Friday shopping earlier than ever. Some retailers start launching their deals days, even weeks before the actual day, so you might be in with the chance of grabbing an early deal. Keep an eye on your favourite retailers to ensure you know when their deals start. 

 6.Don’t forget Cyber Monday 

 Don’t worry if you didn’t get the products you wanted during Black Friday because there is always Cyber Monday to look forward to. Keep checking over the weekend and on the Monday for even more deals on the things you love. 

 Andrew comments: “Black Friday deals are everywhere in the lead up to the big day, and it can be hard to know if you’re really getting the best deal. We hope these tips help you to make your purchase decisions easier and make shopping for good deals more efficient than ever. 

 “Keep in mind, if you don’t get the deals you want in the Black Friday sales, there is always Cyber Monday, and a lot of retailers will continue with great discounts in the lead up to Christmas.” 

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