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D.C. residents most likely to search for a last-minute gift

by wrich
  • Midwesterners rule as present-planners, with Nebraska, Kansas and the Dakotas least likely to search last minute
  • New Yorkers revealed as the most thoughtful present buyers

D.C. residents are the most likely to buy last minute gifts, whilst Midwestern states, such as Nebraska and Kansas, revealed as the most organised.

With Christmas on the horizon, Canva measured search volume to discover where the highest and lowest volumes were in December last year, as well as who the most forgotten family members were. Americans spend an average of $852 on Christmas gifts, with the nation spending $1 trillion in total in 2019 alone.

States with the highest volume for ‘last minute gifts’:

  • D.C. – 100
  • Maine – 54
  • Vermont – 40
  • Missouri – 39
  • North Carolina – 38

This shows that for every 100 searches for ‘last minute gifts’ in D.C. there were 54 in Maine, 40 in Vermont and so on. On the other end of the scale, Midwestern states such as Nebraska, Kansas and the Dakotas were the least likely to wait until the last minute, according to the study from online design and publishing tool, Canva.

In terms of searches for ‘personalized gifts’, New Yorkers proved to be the most thoughtful gift givers, followed by New Hampshire, Kentucky and New Jersey. Those living in Nevada came bottom of this list, along with Alaska and D.C.

Most thoughtful states:

  • New York – 100
  • New Hampshire – 90
  • Kentucky – 86
  • New Jersey – 84
  • Vermont – 83

It was also revealed moms could be the most forgotten family member when it comes to gifts, with 100 searches for ‘last minute gifts for mom’ for every 65 for ‘dad’ in December. Last year saw over 80k searches for ‘last minute gifts for mom’, compared to just 35k for ‘last minute gifts for dad’, which is 50% less.

There’s more to the story of searching for gifts, however, as there is a difference in search intent between parents. One of the most common searches for fathers is ‘gifts for dad who wants nothing’, with nearly 100k searches annually, hinting that dads might be easier to buy for as they don’t have high expectations.

When it comes to mothers, the search intent is much different. ‘Unique gifts for Mom’ is one of the most searched for terms, with 97,200 annual searches, while ‘gift for Mom from daughter’ beat that with 118,800.

Canva, commented on the research:

“With Christmas on the horizon, we know that many people will already be turning their attention to shopping for gifts. Don’t get too excited if your friends or relatives live in D.C though, there’s a good chance they won’t have even thought about Christmas! Considering only 15% of Americans start their Christmas shopping in December, it seems clear that those in the capitol make up a large chunk of that.

“We believe a unique and personal gift can make mean a huge amount to someone. Despite Manhattan having the reputation as a busy, fast-paced city, New York is easily the most caring state when it comes to picking unique gifts. We feel sure some of the 40% who start Christmas shopping before the end of October must be from NY state.”

The full research can be viewed here.


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