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Benefits of Power Income

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Residual income is income which one continues to get even after the completion of his or her income-generating activity. It differs from income in that, although an employee is no longer receiving wages, the person is still performing some kind of work (sales, clerical, or teaching) and receives payments for this work. So, theoretically, the residual income continues even after the employee quits. However, most people are not aware of what is actually meant by residual income and hence, remain confused about its definition.

The best way to clarify the matter is to understand what residual income really is. Once you get paid for your previous work, there is a continuous flow of income that continues to get paid to you even if you quit your job; notwithstanding the fact that you quit for a reason. Residual income is essentially the residual stream of income that you get even when you are not working. Hence, it is a kind of income that you can earn even after you quit your present job.

In simple terms, it is the difference between your net operating income and your gross income at the end of the month. Net operating income refers to the money you earn minus your expenses, less your investment. Your investment includes your house, car and other such expenses which make your living comfortable. On the other hand, your residual income includes money you keep after deducting your expenses from your net operating income, taking account of taxes.

Now, if you earn a little extra money even after you quit your present job, what is the use of continuing your present expenses? For starters, the amount of income you get would come down if you make purchases now, instead of waiting until you get paid for it. You should therefore focus on investments that give higher returns than your monthly net income. This will help you retain your power 2 income even while you are not working. This is possible if you take the help of a good income generating system, like Power 2 Retrieval.

The first point to note about this system is that it helps you earn residual income even when you are not working. The second point is that it helps you retain your power 2 flows even when you are not working. This is possible because of the residual income kickback system, which ensures that the cash-flow you earn during your ‘down times’ will be made available to you in your normal ‘up times’ cash-flow. This means that you do not have to go through a lot of hassle, when you are not working.

The biggest benefit of Power 2 Retrieval is that it helps you avoid paying dues to lenders. The reason why you should go for a residual income product like Power 2 Retirement is because you will be earning without paying dues to your lenders. The reason why people feel compelled to take loans from lenders is because they want to fulfill their needs by repaying these loans in a quick time. The problem with this requirement (paying dues) is that it keeps one away from important things like saving money. What happens when the loan repayment comes near the deadline? You might face difficulties in maintaining your standard of living.

The third benefit of Power Income is that it offers you passive income streams. Passive income comes in the form of stocks and bonds, mutual funds, etc. For someone who has a large fixed investment portfolio and plans to sell it after a period of time, passive income is the best option. For someone who wants a secure source of income, but does not have a large fixed portfolio investment, Power Residual Income can be the perfect option.

Last but not least, Power Income is easy to manage. You do not have to worry about investing, servicing, managing or strategizing for your residual income. It is handled by experts. Also, there are no commissions involved for these investments. All you have to do is invest and earn. This is why it is highly recommended for beginners, as well as experienced investors.


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