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AssetTribe Launches Alternative Asset Investment Platform With First Wine Investment Category

by uma


Platform will satisfy rising demand for exposure to alternative assets from sophisticated investors and wealth managers

LONDON, May 25, 2022 — AssetTribe announces the launch of its digital platform,  connecting investors to a broad and diverse range of alternative assets, opening up this interesting and important asset class especially during these turbulent times of high inflation and uncertain stock markets. AssetTribe is an investment community aiming to shape today’s investment market by offering private investors investments in alternative assets that can reduce portfolio risk through diversification and enhance returns. London-based AssetTribe also announces today its first asset in partnership with fine wine investment fund, Oeno Group to reshape the way investors access the fine wine investment market.

Access to alternatives has traditionally been hard for non-institutional investors due to high fees and complexity. AssetTribe’s own research reveals that 53.3% of those actively investing their own money in alternatives expect their demand for alternatives to increase in the coming year. AssetTribe aims to provide members with access to a selection of curated, top tier alternative assets with low-entry minimums to allow investors greater portfolio diversification and manage risk.

AssetTribe is the brainchild of Jeremy Davies who founded RSRCHXchange, the marketplace for institutional research, which was acquired by Liquidnet in 2019. He previously spent 16 years on the buy side, including 7 years as head of Event Driven and Special Situations at global multi-strategy asset management firm, CQS. This experience has placed him at the nexus of investment and fintech and enabled him to see the demand and opportunity in alternatives.

AssetTribe’s founder and CEO, Jeremy Davies, commented: “In a world where inflation is running at the highest rate in 40 years, where equity markets were until very recently at all time highs and bond yields not far off their lows, some investors are looking at real assets and to alternative investments as they seek potential future returns. However, for many, these assets have a higher risk profile and come with many obstacles that push them beyond the means of High Net Worth Investors, making them solely the domain of institutional investors. AssetTribe’s alternative investment platform connects investors to exciting opportunities across a diverse range of real world assets and funds.” 

Oeno Group’s CEO, Micheal Doerr, commented: “Working with AssetTribe on the launch of this investment is an exciting and innovative way of marrying the features of wine investment and e-commerce, reshaping the way investors enjoy the fine wine market and creating opportunities to diversify and add value to their portfolios.



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